Midsummer Night's Dream Part 2
Updated: 3/20/2020
Midsummer Night's Dream Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • "I will release the Fairy Queen... Methought I was enamored of an ass." (4:1)
  • "That hatred is so far from jealousy To sleep by hate and fear no enmity?... my love to Hermia." (4:1)
  • "These couples shall eternally be knit... Away with us to Athens. Three and three, We’ll hold a feast in great solemnity"(4:1).
  • "Will it please you to see the epilogue, or to hear a Bergomask dance between two of our company?" (5:1)
  • "If we shadows have offended, Think but this and all is mended: That you have but slumbered here... No more yielding but a dream" (5:1)
  • The End