The Breadwinner By: Liz
Updated: 2/3/2020
The Breadwinner By: Liz
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  • Main Characters
  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • The main characters in The Breadwinner are Father (Ellis 15), Mother (Ellis 15), Nooria (Ellis 15), Parvana (Ellis 15), Mrs. Weera ( Ellis 55), and Shauzia (Ellis 87).
  • Theme
  • The Breadwinner takes place in Afghanistan (Ellis 13). The main locations are the Kabul marketplace (Ellis 15) and Parvana's house (Ellis 27-28).
  • Social Issue
  • One of the conflicts in The Breadwinner is Nooria vs Parvana. Because Nooria and Parvana's house is so small, they constantly run into each other and argue (Ellis 19).
  • Symbol
  • A theme in The Breadwinner is you must never give up, even when the going gets tough. One example of this is when Parvana disguises herself as a boy to support her family (Ellis 61). Her father had been arrested (Ellis 38), but she didn't give up, she became the breadwinner.
  • One major social issue in The Breadwinner is the Taliban vs Women and Girls. The Taliban thought the men were superior to women and made them stay inside their homes (Ellis 15).
  • VS
  • One symbol in The Breadwinner is the Window Woman (Ellis 85-86). She is a symbol of hope. She shows Parvana that she is not alone in her situation. The Window Woman is abused (Ellis 117). While Parvana is not abused, she is going through a hard time like the Window Woman.
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