Updated: 2/17/2020

Storyboard Description

Umm...I dunno

Storyboard Text

  • I am the Withered lady, I live in this space which is the way things are collected and organised this grave also contains many mysteries and tombs my grave is just over there see?
  • WitheredladyRIP:1979
  • I will get my revenge in this place,a volcano, located in Japan.Place means the area where something is located in the world and has meaning given by people.He stole my love in this place so he will die
  • This place is a natural environment which we will make use of as the sacrificial altar... and you are the sacrifice
  • The world has changed so much, over time the robots have risen up and destroyed our land. Change is the changing of all living and non-living things like the uprising.
  • Nooo! My friend, jeffery has died. His death was caused by the war and the war was caused by humans developing such AI tech this shows interconnection - how everything is connected :'(
  • Sustainability can be saving the Environment so this explosion does not happen to your generation e.g. saving water by using the half flush or taking shorter showers to prevent nuclear war over resources. and eventually this. scale is how big you can make a change to something like saving water there are many scales but usually they are household, state, national or maybe international or galactic in the distant future.