Chapter 5 Christmas Carol
Updated: 2/9/2020
Chapter 5 Christmas Carol
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  • Another phantom was coming towardshim.It was tall and silent.Itwas wearing long black clothes.ItdidnAnother phantom was coming towardshim.It was tall and silent.Itwas wearing long black clothes.Itdid not speak or move.
  • The Ghost carried him tothe center of London.At aplace called the Exchange he saw a lot of businessmen.Their pockets were full of money.They werewalking and talking around.Scrooge knewthem.He could heartheir conversation.Thethree men were happy andlaughing about his death.One of the men was asking about his moneyand said he will go to thefuneral if there is lunch.
  • They went into a poor part of the city where the streets were dirty and narrow.There were dark shops and houses,and the people looked ugly and miserable.A lot of them were drunk.Rubbish was everywhere,and there were bad smells.Thequarter was full of dangerous criminals.Scrooge followedthe Ghost into a small,dark shop.It was full of dirty,oldthings-bottles,clothes,keys,chains.A man of about seventy with grey hair sat near a fire and smoked hispipe.Then a woman came in with a big,heavy box in herarms.She put it on the floor and sat down.
  • The scene changed and he was near bed.It had no blankets orcurtains.There was only an old sheet with something under it-the body of a dead man.The ghost pointed at the head,butScrooge could not pull down the sheet and look at the dead mansface.He was shaking with terror.The body was cold,rigid,and alone in that dark room.
  • The Ghost took Scrooge to Bob Cratchits house.The mother andchildren were sitting round the fire.They were quiet,very quiet.The little Cratchits sat like statues in a corner.Peter was reading.Bob came in.His children tried to cheer him up buthe suddenly cried.My little child!My little boy!He went to aroom upstairs.He sat on a chair next to a bed.There was a littlechild on it.It was Tiny Tim,but he was not sleeping.He wasdead.
  • The Spirit led him to a grave.He went near it,trembling.He asked"If men change their lives and become better,will the future change too?The Ghost was silentScrooge went slowly towards the grave,still trembling.He read the name on the gravestone:EBENEZER SCROOGE.He fell on his knees and he kept saying he changedand that he will not be the same man again.Scrooge changed completely as a character in this scene.
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