Animal Farm part.2
Updated: 3/22/2020
Animal Farm part.2

Storyboard Text

  • The Windmill
  • Lets build a windmill
  • Jones Comes Back
  • Snowball Gets Chased Away
  • Snowball made plans to build a windmill because it would help with powering all the lights.
  • Trade
  • Jones and a doyen other men from neighboring farms came back to take the farm back. They were armed with guns and other weapons. But the animals still won.
  • Pigs Move Into The Farm House
  • After Snowball made his speech about the windmill 9 dogs chased snowball away. It was noticed that the dogs wagged their tails to Napoleaon.
  • Windmill Fell Over
  • One morning Napoleaon announced he had decided to start trading with humans. Though the animals were uneasy about trading with humans, Napoleaon told them it would only help them.
  • We would like to trade
  • The pigs moved into the farmhouse even though the 7 commandments were clearly against it.
  • The windmill had been destroyed by a giant storm. All the animals work had been destroyed