Controlling Blood Pressure

Updated: 2/11/2021
Controlling Blood Pressure

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, I'm art short for Artery.
  • Hello, I'm Lavein, but you can call me vein for short.
  • Lastly I'm the most important Capillaria. But, you can call me Capillary.
  • Yes of course I am the most important think about it I am the reason you two exchange and diffuse blood I help you guys get to the heart.
  • She thinks she is so important but little does she know that I am the most important here. I bring blood away from the heart and provide elasticity to maintain blood pressure
  • Hey guys now STOP! Now we know that I'm the most important. I bring blood back to the heart
  • Look here guys, just think about it all 3 of you work together for blood to get to me.