Afrocostarican Culture Project

Updated: 10/3/2021
Afrocostarican Culture Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I am Alexander Curling!
  • Que los Negros de Costa Rica Tengamos en Mayor Grado Patria, Cultura, Justicia y Libertad
  • Todo hombre es igual ante la ley----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Los Costarricenses de Raza de Color----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Edwin Patterson Bent
  • Epsy Campbell Barr
  • Thelma Curling
  • Alexander Curling was the first Afro-Caribbean deputy in Costa Rica. He promoted the legislation that allowed children of foreigners born in the country to be considered Costa Ricans.
  • He wrote some articles advocating for Afrocostarican's equality before the law.
  • He allowed the participation of other people from the Afro-Caribean community in the political life of Costa Rica.