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plant reproduction
Updated: 8/31/2020
plant reproduction
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Storyboard Text

  • parts of a flower
  • Petals
  • labelling the parts of a flower.
  • stigma
  • pollination/spreading pollen
  • Flowering plants reproduce by making seeds, before they can do this, their flowers must be fertilised by pollen from another flower of the same kind. Most flowers contain both female and male parts. The male part, the stamens, make pollen. The female part, called the carpel, contains the ova. How pollen spreads? Wind, insects, birds or bats.
  • fertilisation
  • Once pollen has landed on the stigma, a tube grows from the pollen grain and travels down the style. The male gamete is transferred inside this tube to the female gamete. The male gamete and female gamete fuse to form an embryo.
  • Turning into a seed
  • seed dispersal
  • germination
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