Fifth Business Culminating 2

Updated: 6/15/2020
Fifth Business Culminating 2

Storyboard Text

  • 7. Approach to the Inmost Cave
  • Dunstan starts to fall in love with Faustina, who also works with Eisengrim, however, he can’t pursue her. It causes him to act out of character. This becomes dangerous as he offtracks himself from his main quest.
  • 8. The Supreme Ordeal
  • "You must get to know your own, personal devil" (Davies, 230)
  • Dunstan speaks with Liesl who makes him realize that he is capable of a happy, guilt-free life, by getting to know himself and tackling his biggest fears.
  • 9. Reward - Seizing the Prize
  • Dunstan cries for the first time since he was a child following the passing of Mrs. Dempster. He lets out all of the guilt and sorrow he has been feeling all these years.
  • 10. The Road Back
  • Boy meets Eisengrim and goes for drinks with Dunstan. Dunstan confronts Boy about the snowball incident all those years ago which caused Paul’s premature birth and Mrs. Dempster’s simpleness.
  • 11. Threshold Crossing - "Resurrection"
  • Boy is found dead in his car that night with the same rock that was thrown at Mrs. Dempster all those years ago.
  • 12. Return with Elixir - "Freedom to Live"
  • Following his heart attack, Dunstan receives a note from Liesl telling him to join them in Switzerland.