My Experience with the Unknown
Updated: 3/31/2020
My Experience with the Unknown
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Elaborated by Alejandro Meléndez 10th grade B

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  • This scary story took place two years ago, when I was 13 and my cousin was 16, we went to our grandma's farm for a week.
  • It was located far from our houses and we hadn't been there since we were little kids, so we were excited to meet our family.
  • When we arrived, we noticed something weird in our grandparents' attitude, they seemed to be afraid of something. We knew something had happened to them.
  • Suddenly she was trying to talk but it looked like she had a frog in her throat
  • There have been people who say they had seen a mysterious little man around the woods. And I had heard from a friend that the little man is a wicked elf. Your grandpa and I don't want to deal with that creature.
  • Grandma, did something happen to you? You don't look good, and grandpa looks like if he was daydreaming.
  • That same day we heard an explosion in the forest, and took risks, and went to see what happened. Suddenly we look at numerous elfs coming out of the blue so we screamed until they dissapeared without a trace. When we got to the house we found our grandparents and bursted into tears.
  • After that terrifying experience, we've been having a lot on our minds, so we are no longer afraid of what we saw in the woods,= but we don't want to experience it again, of course.
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