Chapter 4 TKAM
Updated: 3/11/2020
Chapter 4 TKAM

Storyboard Text

  • Scout don't you dare go back there its dangerous.
  • I found a piece of gum in the hole of the Radley house tree!
  • Come on I'll show you.
  • No Scout, we'll wait till the end of the summer until we can return them.
  • I don't see any more gum but I see some really old pennies.
  • That means they're ours now.
  • Here Scout, I'll roll you down the road in one of those tires.
  • Good idea.
  • Let's play a game.
  • Hold on Scout I'll get you out of that tire!
  • Why am I in front of the Radley house?!
  • Scout you idiot hurry up and get out of there with the tire!!
  • Now that we're safe let's play a different game.
  • Let's play a Radley house family game.
  • Good idea Scout!