Updated: 12/2/2020

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  • Felix
  • Do you know that they are actually brohters?
  • Congratulate! Felix and Antonio! Both of you get to the final and you will play against each other for the final champion.
  • Antonio
  • Two athletes separated and prepared for the game on their own. Both of them worked hard for the final championship.
  • I practice my power, so I am strong enough to fight against him!
  • I practice my endurance, so I can be long-lasting!
  • On the game day, they arrived at the Tompkins Square park, and it was the first time they met in a few past weeks. Both of them were well-prepared and ready to gain the champion.
  • I have prepared for weeks. This night, I would leave with the final champion trophy!
  • August 7thFelix Vs Antonio
  • During the game, they exerted so well, and both of them get some advantages at some points of the game. They nearly had the same abilities and played equal on the race course.
  • Time up! Time up!Stop!
  • Since both athletes were too focused on game, they didn't stop even when the bell rang! They were still fighting hard and couldn't be separated.
  • DING!
  • DING!
  • In our opinion, friendship is more important than championship!
  • NOW! I am going to announce that who is the final championship!
  • August 7thFelix Vs Antonio