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The Crowning of Arthur
Updated: 9/28/2020
The Crowning of Arthur
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  • "Thereupon he called a truceand invited the duke and Igraine to his court, where heprepared a feast for them,." “I suppose,” said Igraine to her husband the dukewhen this had happened, “that the king arrangedthis truce only because he wanted to make me hismistress!
  • "Still enraged, and now despairing, King Uther fellsick. His friend Sir Ulfius came to him and asked whatthe trouble was. “Igraine has broken my heart,” the kingreplied, “and unless I can win her, I shall never recover.”
  • "Two years later King Uther fell sick, and hisenemies once more overran his kingdom, inflictingheavy losses on him as they advanced.".... "But his sickness grew worse, and after he hadlaid speechless for three days and three nights,".....”Then King Uther gave up theghost. He was buried and mourned the next day, asbefitted his rank, by Igraine and the nobility of Britain.
  • "During the years that followed the death of KingUther, while Arthur was still a child, the ambitiousbarons fought one another for the throne, and thewhole of Britain stood in jeopardy.
  • "Sir Kay foundto his annoyance that his sword was missing from itssheath, so he begged Arthur to ride back and fetch itfrom their lodging."
  • "Finally at Pentecost, when once more Arthur alonehad been able to remove the sword, the commonersarose with a tumultuous cry and demanded that Arthurshould at once be made king."
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