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Updated: 3/8/2020
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  • This poem talks about a brave hero who fought evil monsters and rescued the Danes.
  • This is my story board about Beowulf! The main character gave the name to the poem found in the 10th century.
  • During a celebration a horrible creature called Grendel came and destroyed everything and everybody in the kingdom of Heorot.
  • run people! He is going to kill all of us!
  • Don't hide!!
  • Heorot was completely destroyed so King Hrothgar called a valorous man who was King of the Geats. His name was Beowulf and with his thanes defeated Grendel and became King of Heorot.
  • Thanks to your courage now you are the King. I'll leave my Kingdom to you.
  • Then Beowulf went to Grendel's mother focused on killing her too. But he didn't know how beautiful she was. He didn't kill her and also he was controlled by her so that they'll have a son.
  • Hello song and handsome man.
  • From Beowulf and the siren relationship was born a Dragon who attacked Heorot and after a long fight Beowulf killed the creature but then he died too because he was mortally wounded.
  • ahhhhhh!
  • You will not destory my kingdom!
  • The Geat people built a pyre for Beowulf. They organised a huge funeral in honour of their hero.
  • rest in peace our hero!
  • We will never forget you. Long live to King Beowulf
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