Paleolithic and Neolithic
Updated: 12/20/2019
Paleolithic and Neolithic
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  • Paleolithic Communities
  • Communities were small during Paleolithic times because people wandered from place to place. They traveled in groups of 20 to 60 people.
  • Paleolithic Shelter
  • They used caves or rough, tent like structures for shelter. Their shelters were temporary since they were nomads.
  • Paleolithic Food
  • They obtained food by roaming around and hunting wild animals. They also gathered plants such as, nuts, berries, and seeds from plants that they found.
  • Neolithic Communities
  • When populations grew, people became organized and they learned to do tasks more quickly. All of the changes led to growing populations. They had more time and energy for other things.
  • Neolithic Shelter
  • Neolithic people made houses out of mud bricks, stones, and tree branches. Their houses had several rooms and their permanent homes protected them from harsh weather and wild animals.
  • Neolithic Food
  • Some people had learned to raise animals and crops for food by 8,000 B.C.E. They raised animals like sheep, goats, and cattle for their meat and milk, and mules to carry heavy loads.
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