Mother Sauce
Updated: 12/7/2020
Mother Sauce

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  • Hey Chef Allie! HELP! We need to make a variety of sauces using the Bechamel mother sauce.
  • Dont Panic! You can make a Cream, Cheddar, Mornay ,Nantua, or a Soubise sauce.
  • 1) I need you all to make 5 sauces with the Veloute Mother sauce. STAT!
  • 3) OH no?! What is a mother sauce?
  • 2) HEARD CHEF! Bercy, Allemande, Supreme, Aurora, Cardinal
  • 2) I will take the Chausseur Chicken.
  • 1) Today we are serving meals with the Mother sauce Espagnole.
  • 4) Ok Awesome! We also have the Chateubriand, Bordelaise, Duxelle.
  • 3) I will take the steak with the Robert sauce on top.
  • 1) Mom, Chef Liz taught us how to make 5 baby sauces from the Tomato Mother sauce.
  • 2) Thats great honey! I know them too! Creole, Spanish, Milanaise, Neapolitan, and favorite!
  • 4) Maltaise and Grimrod
  • 5) ...and lastly Choron
  • 3) Bernaise and Mousseline
  • 1) Chef Liz, I have a question? What are some more sauces i can make with the Hollandaise mother sauce?
  • 2) Class who knows some?
  • Now you know the Mother Sauces and some baby sauces for each!
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