Medieval Japan summative project
Updated: 3/2/2020
Medieval Japan  summative project

Storyboard Description

idk. it's a project.

Storyboard Text

  • Shhhhh... I'm meditating!
  • What's meditation?
  • Meditation is whe-
  • Meditation is when you sit cross legged focusing on clearing your mind, its for relaxation. Some people do it for hours!
  • Can you quiet down please? I'm trying to do martial arts
  • Pardon me but what is martial arts?
  • Meditation is, a person sat cross-legged andmotionless for hours, with the mind clearedof all thoughts and desires.
  • Martial arts is a form of self defense, it's also used for self control and mindfulness.
  • Cool, can i join?
  • Multiple sects of religion practiced meditation, sects are smaller religious groups.
  • Sure just copy me!
  • Ok, why's it so quiet next door?
  • Martial arts is a form of Relaxation and self defense.
  • We're meditating, do you mind?
  • This was part of the Buddhism religion, they believed in self control..
  • Martial arts can be done with more than one person, you can even practice on each other.
  • Meditation requires silence, for focus.