Project: Setting

Updated: 5/19/2020
Project: Setting

Storyboard Text

  • School
  • Stop guys!
  • Why are you dating Peter when I dated him? 
  • Belleview Retirement Home
  • Hi Lara Jean!
  • This is my grandson, John Ambrose.
  • You better stop John ambrose because she is my girlfriend!
  • Treehouse
  • Stop! Please!
  • You're dating Peter? Why did you didn't tell me
  • WOW
  • The school is one of the settings that helped build up the plot. Lara Jean and Genevieve had their argument about dating Peter, Peter and Lara Jean had happy moments, Lara Jean had schoolmates look at herbecause of a rumor, and more moments at school.
  • Belleview Retirement Homes is where Stormy and Lara Jean had their lovely conversations. This place is also where Lara Jean and John Ambrose meant for first time in a long time. They became friends again and work together to help the elders. John Ambrose started to like Lara Jean while she is confused about her feelings for him and Peter
  • The treehouse is where Peter found out about Lara Jean liking John Ambrose when she was younger. The group also open a time capsule they made. Lara Jean and Genevieve talk to each other and made up their anger for each other. John Ambrose found out that Lara Jean was dating Peter.