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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/27/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Traitor!
  • My dear people: Unfortunately, Our dear King Arthur died in battle.
  • Sir Modred has found Sir Lancelot and Gwynevere in mid love affair. He exposes them, and Gwynevere is sentenced to burn at the stake. Lancelot saves her, causing him and Sir Gawain conflict and getting banished since the King loved both so dearly.
  • Sir Lancelot tries to make peace with King Arthur but Sir Gawain is completely opposed to it since he still wants revenge. Gawain confronts Lancelot to a duel, they had a total of three battles, which Lancelot wins every time.
  • While King Arthur was in absence from Britain, Sir Modred took the throne making a false report stating that the King died in battle. Modred had all the power, he forced Gwynevere to marry him, tried to kill the Archbishop and anyone who was opposed to him.
  • Due to Sir Modred, conflict between him and King Arthur ressorted and it brought them to war. A really bloody battle ensured with ships. Corpses floating on the bloodstained waters, wounded knights screaming, there he found Sir Gawain wounded and in pain, till he died in the king's arms.
  • The man obeyed the King and went to the lake but he couldn’t bring himself to do it on his first and second try. The third time he went to the lake he threw the sword in the water, and hand magically appeared and waved the sword three times. They went to the lake and the king was taken to Avalon by some beautiful ladies. The next day a mysterious tomb appeared in the forest, it was the king’s.
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