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Updated: 9/20/2020
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  • What is this, hmmm JUMANJI.
  • Hi I'm Sarah Whittle, I just came here to return your bike.
  • Alan I'm scared. The piece moved by itself.
  • What was that sound?
  • The film then cuts to a century later in Brantford. A young boy named Alan Parrish is chased by a gang of bullies and seeks refuge in his father's shoe factory.
  • I'm Alan Parrish. Where's, mom and dad. Ans where's Sarah. Dis you two saw them?
  • Alan is accosted by the bullies. One of them demands that Alan stay away from his girlfriend.Alan said that there 'just friends,' but this just leads to them beating up Alan and taking his bike. As Alan recovers, a strange drum beat catches his ear, and he is drawn to a construction site. Wedged in a section of ground is the box the two boys had buried a century before. Alan pulls it out, opens it up, and finds a wooden board game inside named, 'Jumanji.'
  • We can do this! We need to finish this game no matter what!
  • The drum sounds are heard again and lead the two to the Jumanji board game.Alan sets the game up for the two of them to play. Then a piece on the board moves on its own, and strange sounds are heard from the fireplace. Sarah becomes scared and tells Alan to not take his turn. Ignoring her, he rolls the dice and receives the following message: "In the jungle you must wait, until the dice read five or eight."Sarah recoils in horror as Alan is literally sucked into the game, following which scores of large bats swarm down thechimney and out through the fireplace. Sarah runs screaming from the house, slamming the door behind her.
  • Twenty-six years later, Nora Shepherd moves into the now-vacant Parrish mansion with her niece and nephew, Judy and Peter. Judy and Peter explore the house and soon make their way to the attic, Peter and Judy hear the tribal drum sounds, and come across the Jumanji board game in the attic. Judy take the first roll, then Peter do it next. While there playing different animals came in. Peter rolls a '5,' and the two are soon shocked to find a lion in their house. Their shock soon doubles when Alan appears, now a forty-year-old man in jungle garb.
  • Ohhh my goddd. Who are you?
  • After knowing what's really happened, Alan rush to find Sarah. They need to find Sarah for them to finish the game. After they find her, they continued palying the game. Even though there are many challenges that they faced while playing the game, they don't stop until they win and finished the game.
  • After they won the game, Alan and Sarah embrace each other and close their eyes. When they open them again, they find themselves back in the parlor of Alan's house in 1969. Everything's go back to the normal again. The two then take the game, weight it down, and toss it into a nearby river. Then after a year, Alan and Peter get married and they lived happily ever after.
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