Model High School, pt. 1
Updated: 1/22/2020
Model High School, pt. 1
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  • Hi! Welcome to Wingate Academy! We are so happy that you would like to visit! Lets go on a quick tour.
  • Here at the Academy we offer all of your normal courses, like history, math, science, and english. But we also offer career courses that help students discover what they want to do in the future. We offer medical courses, trade school courses, and others.
  • All of our courses are hands on and application based, so that students can see that this material isn't being taught "just because" but that there is value to this material! Students also have the opportunity to ask questions that may not completely go along with the material. We have what we call "Freedom Fridays". On these Fridays, students can ask quetions that have come up and the class can explore those questions as a whole.
  • Here is an example of one of our classrooms. Each classroom has tables that can be easily moved so that students can work collaboratively, but also independently. We understand that one classroom design doesn't fit every activity, so we provide that flexibility.
  • Here is one of our science classrooms. As you can see, each class has lab stations on the exterior, but the same tables in the middle. This helps give flexibility but also hands on possibilities for our students.
  • We also have state of the art computer labs for classes to reserve that have programs they may not have on their school provided laptops. These laptops are similar to a Surface, in that they allow students to type of handwrite notes that they take in class. All of the textbooks and materials are provided on their laptops as well.
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