Edward Gibbon

Updated: 10/15/2020
Edward Gibbon

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  • Here is clueless Edward Gibbon, a normal citizen who fancied writing books because it helped him escape from reality. But little did he know he was writing one of the most famous books("The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire") in the history of books.
  • Neglected by my Mother, starved by my nurse. Saved by my aunt from my despair. But of course it didn't last, after her death, I went to college only to experience themost idle and unprofitable time of my life. Then I was like" what the hell." (If it even exists)Why not give writing a try.
  • By 1776, Edward's books were well-known all around Rome. What made them unique was because he was the solemnly opposed Christianity but as many viewers and fans he got, there were more haters. But the haters were negligible to Edward.
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  • Edward Gibbon didn't support the French Revolution. He thought the French revolution would cause more harm than good. He shared a strong abhorrence about it with Lady Sheffield.
  • The French Revolution is absolutely absurd.
  • Those ungrateful people, can't just just be thankful, after everything Louis XIV did for them.
  • Despite, Edward's strong feelings toward the French Revolution, he didn't interfere in the situation of France.
  • The wind and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.
  • In 1794, Edward Gibbon passed away. But his impeccable work still lives on.
  • Edward Gibbon died at the age of fifty-six due to peritonitis which was caused by a series of medical operations to deal with his suffering from a likely hydrocele testis.
  • I wouldn't say I believe in Edward's philosophies but Edward Gibbon, was courageous and brave enlightenment thinker. He was a legend.