The Ransom of Red Chief
Updated: 2/4/2020
The Ransom of Red Chief
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  • Aw, what for?' I don't have any fun at home...I like to camp out. You won't take me back home again, Snake-eye, will you?'
  • "Red Chief Would you like to go home?"
  • Ebenezer Dorset, Esq.:We have your boy concealed in a place far from Summit. It is useless for you or the most skilful detectives to attempt to find him. Absolutely, the only terms on which you can have him restored to you are these: We demand fifteen hundred dollars in large bills for his return; the money to be left at midnight to-night at the same spot and in the same box as your reply--as hereinafter described. If you agree to these terms, send your answer in writing by a solitary messenger to-night at half-past eight o'clock. After crossing Owl Creek, on the road to Poplar Cove, there are three large trees about a hundred yards apart, close to the fence of the wheat field on the right-hand side. At the bottom of the fence-post, opposite the third tree, will be found a small pasteboard box.The messenger will place the answer in this box and return immediately to Summit.If you attempt any treachery or fail to comply with our demand as stated, you will never see your boy again.If you pay the money as demanded, h will be returned to you safe and well within three hours. These terms are final, and if you do not accede to them no further communication will be attempted.TWO DESPERATE MEN.
  • Scene 1: Bill and Sam are in South Alabama in a town called Summit. They plan to kidnap Ebenezer's son in order to get $2,000 to pay of there scheme. They're outside a hotel planning a ransom.
  • Two Desperate Men.Gentlemen: I received your letter to-day by post, in regard to the ransom you ask for the return of my son. I think you are a little high in your demands, and I hereby make you a counter-proposition, which I am inclined to believe you will accept. You bring Johnny home and pay me two hundred and fifty dollars in cash, and I agree to take him off your hands. You had better come at night, for the neighbours believe he is lost, and I couldn't be responsible for what they would do to anybody they saw bringing him back.Very respectfully,EBENEZER DORSET.
  • Scene 2:Bill and Sam kidnap the kid and take him to a cave. Throughout the story the kids starts to do multiple things that hurt Bill. They weren't able to handle him so they tried getting rid of him.
  • Scene3:Sam rights a letter and send it to Ebenezer,. saying he wants money in order to give his child back.
  • Scene 4:They waited for a response until they got one. Ebenezer Dorset said he would only take the boy back if Sam and Bill give him $250.
  • Scene5:Since Bill and Sam couldn't handle the kid they agreed and convinced the boy to go home and give Ebenezer the money. While Johnny was having a temper tantrum.
  • Scene 6:Sam and Bill run off with a plan of crossing the Central Southern and the Middle Western States.
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