The raven
Updated: 8/24/2018
The raven
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  • One dark dreary night, there was a very sad man that was grieving over his beloved madam. He then heard a pounding on his chamber door. It kept pounding and pounding the man had started to think that his beloved madam had came back in ghost form to see him.
  • When he started walking back to his chamber he heard a pounding way louder than before. He heard a tapping at his window. When he went to go check a raven had flew inside his home. The dark bird turned his sadness into happiness. The man asked the bird why he was there and the bird replied with "nevermore",. Amazed by the talking of the bird the man felt special. When the raven had said that word it was as if that was the only word he had knew.
  • The man had thought by the morning the raven would leave him just like everyone had. The raven had countinued saying " nevermore",. The man had shared with he raven that his master would be unhappy, the man had wondered what the raven could possibly want. The raven then said again " nevermore",. The man had felt like there was a drug in the room to make his forget about his beloved Leonore. The man had then began thinking if the raven had been evil.
  • The man had cooled down then asked the raven if he would ever see Lenore ever again. Then the raven had later replied with " nevermore",.
  • The man had lost his temper. He had yelled at the raven to leave forever.
  • The raven was still enough to look like a statue, above the mans door. The raven had made a shadow over the man saying he will be trapped in dadrkness forever.
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