Storyboard #2 - Historical Figure
Updated: 6/21/2020
Storyboard #2 - Historical Figure
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  • Dear Diary...
  • *Nazi Soldiers*Is there anyone here?! We are separating and taking away Jewish family members!
  • Just stay quiet. They won't find us here.
  • Let me go, please!
  • Please don't separate me from my daughter, I'm begging you! 
  • Once upon a time....Lived a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank.
  • Anne, wake up please!
  • Starting with the year of 1942, Anne and the rest of her family went into hiding from the Nazi’s, just like many other Jewish families at the time.
  • In memory of Anne Frank....
  • German dictorships, such as the Nazi’s, captured or executed anyone who was Jewish, or had a family member who was.
  • Anne Frank: A Legend
  • The young girl and her elder sister, Margot Frank, died of Typhus fever when captured by the Nazi’s, among with several other Jewish hiding groups.
  • Although Anne Frank died in February 1945, in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Germany, she was well-known for writing a whole-hearted diary, full of feelings and thoughts she had during the perilous time.
  • Anne Frank was known as a legend, as well as her wholesome and heart-melting diary, written during the Holocaust.
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