Comic Strip - Law of Motions

Updated: 9/28/2021
Comic Strip - Law of Motions

Storyboard Text

  • Althea's backyard
  • Hey, Anna. The weather is somehow good isn't it?
  • Yes Althea! You wanna play outside?
  • At the playground
  • Lets now play badminton!
  • Okay Anna, let's start the game. Make sure you will grip the racket harder so it wont slip alright?
  • Playing game
  • You see that? I scored Anna. The bird is outside the line. Yey!
  • Of course Anna! I hit the bird really hard
  • OMG! That was so cool. You're really good at playing this game
  • At the street
  • While going home, Anna and Althea witnessed n accident
  • That was so shocking! That's because he drove too fast
  • Back to Althea's Home
  • I was still shock with what happened. Did the driver really went too fast?
  • Yes Anna! Because it wont happen if he's not driving too fast. He lost control because of over speeding
  • Eating Time
  • Thanks for having and playing with me Althea. I had a great time with you.
  • Me too Anna! Oh, eat slowly. You might get choked. HAHAHAHA just kidding my friend!
  • Oh no! The car crashed, what happened?