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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/26/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Rūrsus cum in eum locum unde erant ēgressī revertī coeperant, et ab eīs quī cesserant et ab eīs quī proximī steterant circumveniēbantur.Again when they had begun to return into that spot from which they had come out, and the enemies who had retreated were surrounding them and the enemies who were standing near them were surrounding them.
  • Tum Tito Balventio, qui superiore anno primum pilum duxerat, viro forti et magnae auctoritatis, utrumque femur tragula traicitur.Then Titus Balventius, who had led the primus pilus in the previous year, a brave, strong man and a great authority, both his thighs were pierced by a javelin.
  • Lucius Cotta legatus omnes cohortes ordinesque adhortans in adversum os funda vulneratur.Lucius Cotta the legate, encouraging all the cohorts and ranks, was wounded in the face by a slingshot.
  • Quintus Lucanius, eiusdem ordinis, fortissime pugnans, dum circumvento filio subvenit, interficitur.Quintus Lucanius of the same order, fighting most bravely, while he was defending his surrounded son, was killed.
  • His rebus permotus Quintus Titurius, cum procul Ambiorigem suos cohortantem conspexisset, interpretem suum Gnaeum Pompeium ad eum mittit rogatum ut sibi militibusque parcat.Sabinus having been moved by these things, when he had seen Ambiorix encouraging his men, from a distance, he sent his interpreter Gnaeus Pompeius to him to ask that he spare himself and his soldiers.
  • Ille appellatus respondit: si velit secum colloqui, licere. He having been spoken to, responded: if he should wish to discuss, this is allowed;
  • Ille cum Cotta saucio communicat, si videatur, pugna ut excedant et cum Ambiorige una colloquantur: sperare ab eo de sua ac militum salute impetrari posse. Cotta se ad armatum hostem iturum negat atque in eo perseverat.Sabinus communicated with the injured Cotta, that if it seemed appropriate, that they depart from the fight and discuss the fight with Ambiorix: that hopes from him would be able to obtain his safety and the safety of the soldiers. Cotta said no, that he would go to an armed enemy, and he persisted in that opinion.
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