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Destress Game 2
Updated: 9/5/2020
Destress Game 2
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  • 1. When you do not want to do work even though you are piled up with it, and are always finding excuses.2. When you have less work and finish it withing seconds so that you are free for the rest of the day.3. When you leave all your work and never finish it.4. When you do one page a day to keep it slow and steady, you end up submitting the work 1 day late.
  • What is Procrastination?
  • Why do you Procrastinate?
  • 1. You do not feel like doing work.2. You have too much and are stressed out.3. You have issues at home.4. You cannot complete due to various events in your life.
  • Tips for Procrastination
  • Thats Ok, lots of people procrastinate because of (insert previous answer)
  • Situation for Procrastination
  • Choose One!
  • 1. Meditation/ Breathing exercises.2. Try typing tests, to increase your typing speed.3. Talk to friends/ family
  • Activities for Procrastination
  • Tips for Procrastination
  • 1. Finish the work as soon as possible2. Stay calm and try to work fast.3. Do not worry if you are pressed for time.
  • You have to finish 10 pages in 10 days, what would you do?
  • a. Finish 1 page a day.b. Finish all on one day.c. Never finish it.d. Submit it 1 week late.
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