Updated: 6/12/2020
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  • Total wellness is a combination of all wellness. It is physical wellness, mental/emotional and social wellness. Physical is how you look and what you eat. Social is how you communicate with others people. Emotional/mental is what you think about the world and how you feel.Physical wellness and goal setting. So physical wellness is again how you look and what you eat. Also how much you work out. Goal setting is when you say what kinda work out your going to do and for how long. Also if your trying to loose like 10 pounds.
  • So assessing health and fitness. So you have to think of how much you work out and measure your BMI. Also how much and what your eating as well. Also seeing how tall you are and everything! Basically making sure you are healthy.Selecting physical activities. So you wan to start off with something like running. Also maybe doing crunches or squats. Maybe even a dance workout. Just make sure you are able to do it and your safe while doing it. You don't want to injure yourself.
  • Lifestyle guidelines. So you want to have a healthy lifestyle. You do not want to be a couch potato and sit around doing nothing all day. Sometimes that is okay but not everyday. You need to make sure your getting up and eating healthy. Make sure your doing an hour workout maybe less.Nutrition is good. So you need to have some dairy
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