Serafini comic 2

Updated: 9/11/2020
Serafini comic 2

Storyboard Text

  • He has never seen a ball before.
  • Today we met Hakeem. He was really nice and liked the backpack I gave him. He did not pay to much attention to us today because he was playing with a ball.
  • Ball!
  • It has only been a month and he has messed up my room multiple times. A scribble here a puddle of slime their and I my mom thinks it is my fault. Tomorrow I am having my birthday party. Hakeem can't mess up my party. He just can't.
  • We turn our backs for one minute to get a drink then we see Hakeem covered in sand.
  • Each day he hugs us tighter and sits in our laps longer but he never plays with my gifts long. He loves the backpack but today he played with the crayons and coloring book for two minutes. TWO MINUTES!
  • “kan bgreek”
  • When I saw how sad Hakeem looked I spoke up. Then we had cake and I let Hakeem blow out the candles.
  • That is so sad!
  • This is where the babies are.
  • When we saw the babies I felt bad. Hakeem must have been so lonely.
  • “Leeeeeena! Play?”
  • You're right. He is the worst.
  • Yeah. Get away you little creep!
  • Don't say that to him, he's still learning!