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Wells Fargo Ethical Issue
Updated: 12/16/2018
Wells Fargo Ethical Issue
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  • "Hmm...What would be the best way for me to hit my sales target quickly so that my boss can give me a big bonus."
  • Oh, I know! I can make fake accounts to enroll people in our banking services.
  • "Our clients will never find about these fake accounts that we are creating in their names! Go us!"
  • "I know! Genius!"
  • "OH NO! I can't believe what I am watching, I am a Wells Fargo client! I hope this won't affect me."
  • LOCAL NEWS It was just discovered that millions of Wells Fargo accounts were created without the consent of clients.
  • "Hello, Ms. Smith, we are calling to inform you that your account has been affected by the Wells Fargo account scandal. There has been some fraudulent activity on your account."
  • "What! This is devastating! I thought Wells Fargo was better than this. Total betrayal."
  • As a long time Wells Fargo client, I am very disappointed in them. Money was taken out of my bank account without my consent. 
  • As a Wells Fargo stakeholder, I am angered to hear of this ethical issue, I expected more from their employees. Something must change.
  • Hello viewers, my name is Timothy J. Sloan, CEO of Wells Fargo. I wanted to apologize on behalf of my company and I for the ethical issue that occurred. My team and I will make corrections in order to prevent this from happening again. We are firing all employees who part took in the scandal, and making our ethical guidelines more known to our employees. Thank you.
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