Unknown Story
Updated: 5/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • When she finally recovered from her illness, the first thing she did was look for Pina. No one had seen or heard from her. It was like she disappeared into thin air. Months passed and still no sign of her.
  • One day, she was sweeping the backyard where Pina used to play. For months now, she had noticed this strange plant growing on the very spot where she last saw Pina. By this time, the leaves of the plant had fully opened. Inside, she saw this strange yellow fruit that resembled a child’s head with a thousand eyes. A thousand eyes…
  • She suddenly remembered the spiteful words she used that fateful day. With horror, she realized that in the same way her mother’s love had spoiled her daughter, so did her anger unwittingly curse her. Somehow, her daughter had been turned into this plant.