scary story
Updated: 11/4/2020
scary story

Storyboard Text

  • Hey it's Halloween today do you wanna go play Charly Charly with me tonight? It'll be funny !
  • Yeah of course I want!
  • It's 23:45, almost midnight!
  • Chary, Charly are you here?
  • 15 minutes later
  • Your game is false nothing will happen. I will go search Leo.
  • One day, Maya and Alyssa are meeting in a Cofee Center and discuss about the night of Halloween.
  • Ho you're here! Go! We will found Alyssa in her room.
  • The night was coming, Maya was here. The two friends were ready to play. They were in the dark and it's almost midnight.
  • I heard a noise...!
  • Now, it's midnight. They're ready to play, to be scared and have fun. They tried one time, they wait few minutes and nothings happened. Maya decides to go search Leo the cat.
  • Ho it was only the soap we were scared for nothing ahah!!
  • She goes search Leo and they return with the other girl in her room.
  • When Maya come back, they heard a noise in the bathroom and they decide to go saw what it was cause they were really scared.
  • They go saw what it were and they started to laugh cause it was only the soap. It fall in the bath and this is why it does a noise!