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European Exploration of North America: Hernando de Soto
Updated: 9/1/2020
European Exploration of North America: Hernando de Soto
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8th Grade Georgia Studies

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  • Hi, I'm John Green and Today on Crash Course U.S. history we are going to be talking about European Exploration in North America, but more specifically Hernando de Soto.
  • Spain sent out explorers called conquistadors, or conquerors. The main reasons Spain wanted to explore the New World was: God, Glory, and Gold.
  • One of these conquistadors was named Hernando de Soto. de Soto explored what is now the Southeastern United States
  • God: There main purpose was to spread Christianity (mainly Catholicism) to the Native Americans, they considered their religion as “uncivilized”Gold: Most of Europe’s exploration was for economic reasons and to make profit.Glory: They wanted to increase the size of their empire. Spanish explorers were willing to face conflicts in order to gain personal recognition, fortune and fame and claim new lands for Spain.
  • This Land is not yours! you cannot bring your animals or people on here!
  • Of course I can! I have permission from the king and queen of Spain.
  • Some notable accomplishments of Hernando de Soto's voyage was crossing the Mississippi River
  • The Spanish made impacts on the Natives. Some were positive others were negative.For example, they brought pigs to the U.S. which became an invasive species. They also brought horses and diseases such as: smallpox, influenza, measles, and chicken pox. These diseases were devastating to the Native population.
  • Onward! across the river we go!
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