Unknown Story
Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Threescore and ten I can remember well, within the volume of which time I have seen hours dreadful and things strange, but this sore night hath trifled former knowings.
  • N 'Tis unnatural, even like the deed that’s done.
  • 2. N 'Tis said they eat each other.
  • 1. And Duncan’s horses—a thing most strange and certain.
  • The Old Man and Ross lament over the loss of King Duncan's death.
  • 1. Does anyone know who committed this horrible crime?
  • 2. The servants Macbeth killed. They were suborned. Malcolm and Donalbain, the king’s two sons, are stol'n away and fled, which puts upon them suspicion of the deed.
  • The Old Man expresses that he feels the recent events were supernatural and abnormal.
  • 1. Then ’tis most like The sovereignty will fall upon Macbeth.
  • 2. He is already named and gone to Scone To be invested.
  • Ross and the Old Man discuss how strange it was that King Duncan's horses ate each other.
  • 1. Where is Duncan’s body?
  • 2. Carried to Colmekill, The sacred storehouse of his predecessors, And guardian of their bones.
  • Macduff shares that it is speculated the servants who "killed" King Duncan were paid by King Duncan's sons.
  • Macduff tells the two men that Macbeth has already been named king and is going to be crowned soon.
  • Macduff tells the men King Duncan's body is going to be placed in a tomb at Colmekill, where his bones will be safe.
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