Checking Project
Updated: 2/25/2020
Checking Project

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  • Hey Buddy, I just got this check from my owner,but I don't think I have a checking account! I'll probably just visit a cash-checking store.
  • No Biscuit, that's a bad idea don't you know all of the downsides to cash-checking businesses?
  • Well one downside to check-cashing stores is that they get a cut of your check.
  • So what are the downsides to cash-checking stores anyway?
  • Fine, if that's not bad enough, cash-checking businesses are also extremely unsafe. Many muggers know that people leaving these stores often have a lot of cash.
  • Oh come on Buddy, that's not that bad. I'm going to the check-cashing store unless you give me some better reasons on why I shouldn't.
  • Alright Biscuit, if those reasons weren't good enough, the bank keeps your checks extremely safe, you can deposit you money very easily, and you aren't risking losing you check.
  • Seriously Buddy, I could take on anybody that tries to take my money. What other reasons do you have for me?
  • Yes there is, it's only five minutes away I'll help you set up an account right now!
  • You are right Buddy, I am very unorganized and will probably lose this check if I don't put it in an account. TThere aren't any banks near my owners house though!
  • Of course Biscuit any time!
  • wow, that was really easy and that I have checking account I know my money is safe and secure. Thank you Buddy!
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