Apple's Big Chance

Updated: 10/11/2021
Apple's Big Chance

Storyboard Description

Apple, the newest of all the Red Cute BFFs, finds out that the headmistress is getting married. Apple's given up makeup and is later asked to do the makeup for the wedding.

Storyboard Text

  • Woohoo!!
  • 🎶We're gonna have a headmaster!🎶
  • Attention students, classes are dismissed for I will get married tomorrow. Classes will be replaced with wedding preparation.
  • OMG, really?
  • Hello, ladies. I see you all want to have wedding jobs. What do you want to do?
  • Miss Addison, what do you think of being in charge of the makeup?
  • I'll work on the outfits and do the hair.
  • I'll take charge of the decorations and flowers.
  • I'll be priestess.
  • Hi, hi, hi! (which is always how I greet people) I'm Apple Addison, high school senior student, very new Red Cute BFF, Cheer Captain, and 16 year old! I love, love, love cheerleading! Well, I was originally going to study makeup, but I gave it up for the spot of Cheer Captain in the school cheer squad. It's May right now! Very excited!
  • Miss Addison, I just got a message from the headmistress! Her makeup artist is sick. Would you be kind enough to step in for him?
  • Alright, if she really needs a makeup artist, I'll do it.
  • I was on the way to class with my BFFs, Sangria Burns and Ruby Roberts. Just then, the headmistress said that classes are dismissed...for a good reason. SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! We're gonna have a headmaster!
  • After lunch, in the dorm with our other BFF Scarlet Martin. Our teacher, Mrs. Wang, is in the room now. We told her our wedding jobs. Ruby is outfit designer and hairdresser (duh, she's Fashion Design Focus), Sangria is priestess, and Scarlet is the decorator. Mrs. Wang just asked me if I wanna do makeup! I said no.
  • You may now kiss the bride.
  • Jasper and Diyamanté
  • I went in my room and started to complain and cry. Suddenly, Mrs. Wang stepped in and said that the headmistress' makeup artist is sick! Terrible...she then asked if I could do makeup. I was still reluctant, but I agreed anyway.
  • I'm in the Blue students' bathroom now, helping the headmistress do her makeup. She told me that she's a Blue person.
  • Wedding time! The headmistress looks so gorgeous. The guy she's marrying is called Jasper Stone, he's gonna be the headmaster. The headmistress and headmaster-to-be are now on the final part of Sangria's speech (you may now kiss the bride). I'm going to do the makeup for the next cheerleading competition! So happy I brought back makeup. :)