the giver
Updated: 9/17/2020
the giver

Storyboard Description

Gabriel is coming home

Storyboard Text

  • What did you two, do today?
  • I got to try out my new bike!
  • Meet Gabriel
  • He's so cute!
  • Your eyes are so pale...Just like mine?
  • Colour: The colours are just basic colours because they live in a world where everything is plain.Objects: Food representing the dinner that they're having and the table and chairs are representing that they're in the dining room to have dinner.
  • Colour: The colour of the baby's blanket that he's wrapped in represents the colour of his eyes.Objects: The basket is what is used to carry Gabriel in.
  • December is the best month
  • Colour: The blue colour is representing the colour difference with Jonas and Gabriel (Them having blue eyes) from the rest of his family having darker coloured eyes (The rest of his family having brown eyes)Objects: The speech bubble is telling you what Jonas is thinking at that particular time of the story.
  • I can't wait to get my bike!
  • I only remember when I was a four and onwards
  • Colour: The plain colours is what Jonas and his family members see until Jonas starts to see colour for the first time. Objects: Bacon and Eggs is what Jonas and his family members are having for breakfast that morning.
  • Objects: The speech bubble is telling you what Jonas's dad thinks about December. With him saying why December is the best month in their community because it's always nerve-racking and exciting with it only coming once every year.
  • Objects: You can tell by Lily's face and what is written in the bubble what she's thinking about and that's why there is a speech bubble there to explain what she's saying to Jonas and also what Jonas is saying to Lily about the Decembers he remembers.