Free Palestine

Updated: 5/17/2021
Free Palestine

Storyboard Text

  • Free Palestine
  • Let's Get This Down
  • We Don't Need This.
  • This Is Neither The Part Of Judaism.
  • We Won't Let You Do This
  • Ok Then !! Get Ready To Die
  • Ooh! So Now You Wanna Stop Us
  • Please Don't Do This
  • We Will Die But Save Our Culture
  • This Is What You Get For Not Obeying US
  • Please stop the attacks on palestine.
  • Lets Protest against Israel.
  • You Are Killing Muslims And You Say Islam Is The Religion Of Terriorism!!
  • Where Is UNO and Human Rights Commission.
  • Shame On You !!
  • Let's Stop This Discrimination Under Religion And Take A Stand For The Whole World Against This Racism And Support Palestine From The Bottom Of Our Heart.Let's Make Our Earth A Happy Planet.