English Civil War and Revolution
Updated: 12/20/2020
English Civil War and Revolution

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  • We're gonna lose!
  • Let's kill 'em!
  • Queen Elizabeth dies without an heir and James I becomes king. He believes in the Divine Right of Kings. This belief created conflict about money and religion between the King and Parliament.
  • We love him!
  • Charles I becomes king after his father died. He had the same beliefs which eventually led to a Civil War between he and the Cavaliers and Parliament and the Roundheads who bring in Oliver Cromwell to lead them.
  • Ahhhhhhhhh!
  • Oliver Cromwell purged all non-parliament supporters and beheaded Charles I. Eventually he realized he disliked the way parliament was operating so he crated a military dictatorship. After his death England restored their monarchy.
  • Parliament asked Charles I son, Charles II, to come rule. He learned from his father's mistakes and did not believe in the Divine Right of Kings, which did not threaten parliament. Charles II died with out an heir.
  • James II, Charles II brother, was openly catholic and took over ruling. Parliament started to worry after he had a son who would likely follow in his footsteps. The English encouraged William of Orange to invade and take over. He was married to Mary, James II daughter. James II and the rest of his family fled to France.
  • William and Mary accepted the offer to rule. They helped lay a foundation for a constitutional monarchy. The English Bill of Rights, a system of government based on the rule of law and freely elected Parliament, was created
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