Modern - The Good Samaritan
Updated: 6/4/2020
Modern - The Good Samaritan

Storyboard Text

  • Give us your money!
  • Not my problem
  • I hope someone helps him
  • One day an old man was beaten up by some gang members for his money
  • This man is hurt and needs my help!
  • A CEO was on his way to lunch but instead of helping, he passed by and ignored him.
  • This man is hurt and he needs medical assistances. This is my mobile number if he needs more help
  • We will take care of him
  • A saleswomen saw the old man, but again instead of helping him, she walked by as well.
  • thank you for the compassion you have shown me
  • We need to help everyone, not just our friends
  • At last, after being passed by and ignored twice, a young Uber driver saw the injured man and decided to help him by taking him to hospital
  • The driver explained to the nurse that the man needed help and he gave her his mobile number so he could be contacted if needed
  • Everyone is your neighbour because everyone is a son or daughter of God, and we should show compassion to everyone