Gifted Class

Updated: 6/19/2020
Gifted Class

Storyboard Description

Module 3- Gifted Learners

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome back from recess, class! We are going to continue learning about foods and classifying them into different food groups. Nutrition is important!
  • On your computer screen, you will see a variety of different foods. For each food listed, type in the food group it belongs to.
  • Done! I'm done, already!
  • Why don't you double check your work?
  • I'm soooo bored. Maybe I'll make a paper airplane and start throwing it around the room.
  • After you do your research, would you explain the differences and similarities to the class, and give examples in each category?
  • Since you are done with this assignment and have double checked your work, would you research something for me? What are the similarities and differences between beans and legumes?
  • YES! I love a challenge!