Literacy Experience
Updated: 2/20/2021
Literacy Experience

Storyboard Description

Storyboard for Literacy Discussion 6.2

Storyboard Text

  • Hello. I would like to tell you about my literacy experience in an fifth grade classroom.
  • Teacher
  • I learned that I need to improve on developing higher level questioning.
  • My cooperating teacher had students interact with one another by sharing predictions about what was going to happen in the upcoming chapter of the novel they were reading.
  • My cooperating teacher left notes to her students encouraging them.
  • Student
  • I realized the importance of asking questions before reading, assigning the students a task during reading, and guiding them through an activity after reading.
  • My cooperating teacher had and used a variety of reading material in her classroom and for instruction. I used printed versions of different genres. In my whole group lesson, I used a folktale.
  • Text
  • The students in my observation felt comfortable sharing in discussions and read alouds.
  • Context
  • My instruction might have been better with more discussions.
  • I want to provide choices for my students in their reading and writing. For example, allowing them to pick a destination to read about and create a travel brochure about that place.
  • Task