The American Revolution-Amanda June
Updated: 11/20/2017
The American Revolution-Amanda June
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  • The Boston Tea Party involved colonists dumping chests of tea of a boat to protest how expensive the tea was.
  • This tea is too expensive!
  • I'm sick of having to pay for British troops' hospitality.
  • The Quartering Act was a tax that involved colonists having to pay for a place for British troops to stay.
  • The Sugar Act had colonists pay extra taxes on molasses, so people stated to protest to make it cheaper.
  • This molasses is too expensive!
  • No Taxation Without Representation!
  • The Stamp Act involved colonists having to pay a tax every time they wanted to use paper.
  • Our family is struggling with money because every time we want to use paper, we need to pay a tax!
  • The Townsend Act involved colonists having to pay a tax for the most popular and most used items., including tea, coffee, and iron.
  • All of our everyday items are now expensive!
  • The Battle of Lexington then Concord left 8 colonists dead when British troops went to seize their weapons.
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