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Updated: 11/22/2019
Story Board

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  • Dear Valued Customers, My name is Amanpreet Kaur Grewal. I am the manager of IT Helpdesk Center. I am here to help you out with your issues and tell you about our company’s goals and objectives to serve you with quality of service.
  • Our goal is to decrease the average response time taken by the employees to respond to the customer by 40%. Our company wants to start this improvement by Dec 1, 2019 ending in Feb 15, 2020.
  • Customer Benefits1. Decreasing the average response time would help our helpdesk to provide a better and quick service to our customers. They don’t have to wait for long to get solutions to their problems. It would save their time and they would be able to get back to their important work.
  • 2. Caring about customer’s needs and preferences is very important for our IT Helpdesk center. We would ensure that decreasing the response time would help us to build one to one communication with our customers. So that,customers would beserved according to their needs.
  • 3. Our helpdesk understands that speed matters a lot especially when serving our valued customers. I as a customer, would definitely want that my issues should beresolved immediately. So, to solve this issue, our company is making anenhancement to response swiftly to our customers with accuracy and reliability.
  • HDI ITIL are the best practices for improving a helpdesk center and it provides a company proper guideline to implement a change. Moreover, it provides a stable and systematic environment for the IT department by lowering the risk assessments. Our IT helpdesk would use the following processes to implement a change, Quality Assurance Management, Feedback management, Service Improvement Plans, Change management, Average time to respond.
  • Customer Service Criteria1. Adequate Staff2. Customer-Friendly Service3. Reliability
  • Thank you for your precious time. If you have any concerns or suggestions that could help us to serve you better feel free to provide us your valuable feedback by visiting our website link below: