Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • CEO of furniture company: We have so much black oak wood left in our factory that the company does not need. What should I do now ?
  • CEO : Oh I have an idea. I should sell them to a marketplace for business owners who are looking for waste products to save the environment.
  • Welcome to the website. Please sign up with your company account.What product do you want to sell today? High quality wood (black oak).For what price? Make sure the price is cheaper than the market price for the listing to be valid.$ 100 Enter
  • We are searching for possible buyers of black oak for $100 per unit........
  • Congratulations we have found 1 match listed below:- David wants to buy black oak for his customized surfboards.- Link with David to pitch your offer: email:fakedavid.comPhn-no.: 123456789
  • I want to seal the deal!
  • Awesome Thanks!!