Safety comic
Updated: 3/19/2020
Safety comic

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning class! Today we'll be discussing safety practices in the woodworking lab.
  • Rule 1.Do not enter the lab without the presence of a teacher.Rule 2. always wear the necessary gear when around the equipment.
  • Another very important rule to follow when in the woodwork lab is'DO NOT THROW TOOLS ACROSS THE ROOM!!"
  • I'm so excited to start working in the woodwork lab tomorrow.
  • Okay sir.
  • I'll be doing some work at my table.Don't forget the lab rules!!
  • Hey Johnny can you pass me the hammer please ?!
  • Head's up!!!
  • NOOO!! Don't throw
  • Oh no!! I'm so sorry
  • Oh no!! please run to the nurse's office immediately!
  • Sir,I'm so sorry i really didn't expect I'd hurt her.
  • Yes sir, I'll be sure to never disobey the lab rules again. Especially to not throw tools in the lab.
  • It's okay Johnny, I know you didn't intend to hurt her.However, that's why I told you guys not to throw tools across the room. REMEMBER SAFETY STARTS WITH YOU!!