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The Breadwinner: Character Traits
Updated: 2/18/2020
The Breadwinner: Character Traits
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  • Parvana Character Traits
  • I am Hopeful and helpful!
  • Nooria Character Traits
  • You're the reason why Soviet Union left because you're ugly.
  • Mother's Character Traits
  • I'm brave and nice!
  • Parvana Is Hopeful because when her dad gets sent to jail she is hopeful the Taliban will return him. She is also Helpful because when the family struggle to make money for food she becomes a boy to help.
  • Mrs. Weera Character Traits
  • Nooria is mean to Parvana when she pulls out the scissors to cut Parvana's hair. She is also caring to Parvana in the end because she realizes this might be the last time they see each other before the trip
  • Maryam Character Traits
  • Mother is a brave women who went to go save her husband from jail even though women weren't allowed outside without a man. She also has Hospitality to people who come to her.
  • Shauzia Character Traits
  • Mrs. Weera is a very caring person who helps Mother get back up on her feet. She is also responsible because when she came to Parvana's house she saw the chaos and took charge to help clean it up.
  • Maryam is a follower because when she saw Nooria taking care of mother when Parvana and Mother came back from the jail, she did the same but to Parvana.
  • Shauzia Is selfish when she decides to leave her family to go to France for a better life. She is also desperate because when she heard you could make money off of bones she did it with Parvana.
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