Taming of the Shrew Act IV, Scene I
Updated: 2/24/2020
Taming of the Shrew Act IV, Scene I

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  • Who is that calls so coldly?
  • A piece of ice. Trust me, you could slide from my shoulder to my heel...start a fire, Good Curtis.
  • Who brought this food? It's burnt! We can't eat this! Fine, we're just going to bed. Come, Kate
  • Everything's ready. So tell me what's been going on.
  • Well come on Grumio, let's have all of it.
  • Come! Lean forward.
  • Well, my horse is tired and my master and mistress had a falling out.
  • Now fetch the others. Are they all ready?
  • SLAP
  • Now that I can tell you're listening... the mistress fell off the horse and the master started beating me, and saying it was my fault! All while the mistress was laying under the horse, trying to stop him from beating me. And then mistress, who never prayed, was praying! And everything got lost or ran away!
  • Fellow Grumio!
  • Welcome Home
  • Hey!
  • Welcome yourself. What's up with you? Is everything ready, I think I hear the master now! Quiet!!!
  • You're taking my shoes off too roughly! You rogues, go away and do good on your jobs!
  • I plan to tame Kate like a falcon. The only way to do so is through kindness and everything I have been doing is kindness.
  • I will not let her sleep nor eat until she is tame and will listen to me. I do this because I love her.
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