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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • In this scene, Eustace has a selfish idea to go and slip away. He would take a stroll inland, find a cool, airy place up in the mountains, have a good sleep and rejoin the others when the days work was over. Next, Eustace had a feeling that he never had before. He started to feel lonely.
  • In this scene, Eustace is scared that they left him, so he starts sliding down the muddy mountain. When Eustace is at the bottom, he finds himself in a different location. Lucy, Caspian, Edmund, and the crew, start to get worried about Eustace because they haven't seen him in awhile.
  • In this scene, Eustace is turned into a dragon, because he has been very selfish the whole voyage, and it makes hem learn that. Eustace is in a dragon's cave, but when he wakes up he actually is a dragon. The dragon with blood is the one that died when it drank the water.
  • In this scene, the crew sees a dragon fly towards them. They have to be carefull around it, even though it is Eustace. Then, Lucy talks to the crew, and Eustace starts to nod. Next, Lucy asks if he by any chance if the dragon is Eustace. Eustace starts to shake violently, and they have a sigh of releif.
  • In this scene, Eustace meets Aslan. Aslan tells Eustace to undress, which means to scratch off all the scales and layers of bad Eustace. Then he to get into the well and wash. But once Eustace is in the water of the well, he realises that he is a boy again.
  • In this scene, Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, Caspian, Reepicheep, and the crew, Set sail again from the island that gave them troubles. When they get to the next island and they sit down, They see clothes, coins, a sword, and other things. But no bones. Then they get freaked out so they move over to a little pond. When they get there, they see a golden statue. Then Edmund tries to pull it up with a spear, but it is too heavy. When they lift the spear out of the water, The spear turns gold too. Lastly, they realise that one of the seven gods took off their clothes on a hot day and dove into the water, and it turned into gold because it can turn things into gold.
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